Jun 17, 2023

2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Vs. 2024 GMC Canyon AT4X

A new GMC Canyon AT4X looks to change the game, but is it substantial enough to overtake the mid-size truck champion in the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro?

We're more than halfway past the calendar year of 2023, and the next year's models are on the horizon. As of now, we have a mid-size truck in the GMC Canyon, that MotorTrend prefers over all small and mid-size trucks currently on the market. The lone exception is the unavailable compact pickup in the Ford Maverick, which remains on backorder.

This means the GMC Canyon is slightly preferred over its Chevrolet Colorado cousin, over the Ford Ranger, and even the mid-size segment leading Toyota Tacoma. We must note, that this list is talking solely about 2023 models, and that the out-going 'yota will yield to the all-new next-gen 2024 Taco version. Taking a look to the future, it's time to consider the upcoming 2024 GMC Canyon, and how it stacks up against the 2024 Toyota Tacoma.

We have previously compared the Tacoma TRD Pro against the Ranger Raptor, and also against the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison. Concluding that the upcoming top Taco was better all-around than the best Ranger, but that the ZR2 Bison was better off-road than the TRD Pro, this next comparison makes for undoubtedly an interesting match-up. Specifically looking at the AT4X and TRD Pro variants, find out which one should go from the driveway to the trails first!

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Considering we're talking about the top-dog rugged off-road variants of the GMC Canyon and Toyota Tacoma, it's important to see how the AT4X and TRD Pro stack up. This starts with understanding what the AT4X and TRD Pro are all about in terms of unique features, off-road dimensions, drivetrain, and performance specifications.

Also, cost becomes a factor when looking at what one gets for the money, in order to choose what best suits the budget for desired uses. From there, a baseline may be established, from whence we may begin to nitpick.




2.7 Liter Turbo High-Output I-4

2.4 Liter Turbo i-FORCE MAX Hybrid

Engine Output

310 horsepower; 430 pound-feet of torque

326 combined horsepower; 465 pound-feet of torque


8-speed automatic

8-speed automatic

Fuel Economy

17 city, 20 hwy, 18 combined

Between 25-30 combined (estimated)

Towing Capacity

5,500 pounds

6,500 pounds


1,250 pounds

1,709 pounds

Starting MSRP


$49,000 (estimate)

Starting off with the heart, the AT4X of course gets GM's most potent engine, one that is quite powerful for a mid-size truck. However, it does not exceed the power output of the new i-FORCE MAX hybrid setup that the upcoming TRD Pro will get, nor is it more efficient of course.

Both trucks use an eight-speed auto transmission, and it must be noted that the Taco will come with a six-speed manual, but that option isn't available for the hybrid. Equipped with tow packages, given the hybrid setup, the TRD Pro also takes the cake in terms of payload and towing capacities. There's a lot to consider here, especially when the TRD Pro is estimated to arrive at a cheaper starting price point.

The AT4 was GM's off-road answer to say the FX4 package from Ford, but the AT4X that was new for 2023, simply took the GM products to another level. In terms of the TRD Pro, this was also billed as a performance off-roader, but with the idea in mind to "Go Fast."

Therefore, it seems the TRD Pro compares more favorably to the Ford Ranger Raptor, while something like the all-new upcoming Trailhunter trim is more on the AT4X's level. The Trailhunter, a Toyota Tacoma with basically a factory overland setup, was built to "Go Far." This echoes our opinions comparing the TRD Pro to the Ranger Raptor and ZR2 Bison.

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In terms of the drivetrain differences, it's significant that the TRD Pro offers all its torque at only 1,700 rpm. The TRD Pro equips 2.5-inch FOX QS3 shocks, while the AT4X utilizes Multimatic DSSV dampers, a first for a Canyon.

Speaking of shocks, the TRD Pro uses exclusive IsoDynamic Performance Seats in front, equipped with an air-over-oil shock absorber system. This dampens and stabilizes the body during seat movement. Another unique feature to the Taco is the available JBL Flex Portable Speaker that mounts to the dash, which is both waterproof and dust-proof.

Both trucks come with an abundance of undercarriage armor, or skid plates. The AT4X has a heavy-duty large front skid plate, with a larger transfer case shield, as well as side rocker guards. The front bumper has angled cut-outs at the edges for clearance, and is winch-equipped ready. It also offers more camera angles than any other competitor, with up to 10 available camera views.

This includes surround vision, and front and rear underbody cameras. The TRD Pro does offer tons of cameras too, for a 360-degree view, and it can all be displayed on the 14-inch touchscreen. It has an aluminum TRD front skid plate, with a high-clearance ARB rear metal bumper with red recovery hooks. Of note, the front bumper is not winch capable.



Angle of Approach

36.9 degrees

33.8 degrees

Break over Angle

24.5 degrees

23.5 degrees

Angle of Departure

25 degrees

25.7 degrees

Ground Clearance





Two-inch front, 1.5-inch rear

Tire Size

33-inch M/Ts

33-inch R/Ts

Notably, both trucks come with the same size tires, but varied amounts of lift over the standard versions. The AT4X tops the TRD Pro in nearly every facet of off-road dimensions, but the latter has a slight advantage in departure angle and ground clearance, and note this is without a tow package installed.

The AT4X utilizes a 6.3-inch HUD, with an 11.3-inch infotainment touchscreen, with an available 11-inch driver instrument center. Both trucks have drive modes of course, with the GMC's being Terrain, Overlanding, and Baja. This is part of the AT4X's new off-road performance display, with each mode offering different driver aids to suit the selected terrain.

Meanwhile, the Toyota has Multi-Terrain Select, for mud, dirt, and sand. Also, there's a CRAWL control function, and a Downhill Assist Control. The TRD Pro has a rear differential locker, but the AT4X has both axles equipped with on-demand lockers, definitely an advantage there for the latter. However, the TRD Pro has an advanced rear coil suspension set up, while the AT4X has rear leaf-springs. Both have IFS, or independent front suspension.

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Clearly both of these trucks have extreme off-road hardware, items desired in any build, but all from factory. This is all coupled with some innovative and unique tech, that provides some serious capability. All in all, the truck's differences almost off-set, but it still feels like the ATX4 would be the better all-around off-road truck. It might not be as good of a desert runner as the TRD Pro, but it will hold its own, while outshining the Taco out in the rocks. This is due to the added front locker, winch capability, and overall better off-road dimensions. What's more, is that there was an Edition 1 AT4X, that included:

Notably, the Edition 1 only has a 32.8 degree approach angle, slightly over four degrees less than the normal AT4X. Nevertheless, this is only one degree less than the TRD Pro. This leads to the next upcoming special AT4X variant, a truck that will reset the mid-size truck market, and put all the competition on notice. Expect late 2023 availability for this one featured below.

AEV, or American Expeditionary Vehicles, is a company that started out in the aftermarket with Jeep. Now they find themselves partnering with manufacturers to build badass products straight out of the factory, and that's exactly what they did with the 2024 GMC Canyon AT4X. This AEV Edition literally takes the most capable Canyon ever in the AT4X, and pushes it to new heights. The truck now has a 38.2 degree approach angle, with a 26 degree departure angle, both topping the regular AT4X.

Also, it's equipped with AEV front and rear bumpers, that are heavy-duty, stamped steel e-coated and powder-coated. There's heavy-duty cast rear recovery points, and of course the front bumper is winch ready. The skid plates are hot-stamped boron steel, more than 3.5 times stronger than equivalent cold-stamped high-strength steel. They cover front approach, steering gear, transfer case, fuel tank, and the rear differential.

Angle of Approach

38.2 degrees

Break over Angle

26.9 degrees

Angle of Departure

26 degrees

Ground Clearance




Tire Size

35-inch M/Ts

Starting MSRP

$70,000 (estimated)

Featuring the 17-inch AEV beadlock capable wheels, these fit under larger fender flares. The reason being is that this truck runs on 35-inch tires, unheard of for a mid-size factory truck. Also, to fit these tires, the truck has a 4.5-inch factory lift!

Considering our opinions on how the TRD Pro stacks up against the ZR2 Bison, this has to be enough to put the AT4X AEV Edition over the top. In fact, the AT4X AEV Edition may be the best and most expensive mid-size truck ever. Not only is the AT4X a more extreme version of the AT4, but the AEV treatment multiplies that again, and a GMC has always been the more premium option over a Chevy.

Before the AT4X came out, MotorTrend put it through it's paces, and it performed admirably. This makes it seemingly already comparable to the upcoming TRD Pro's capabilities, but the AT4X AEV Edition is the looming lone alpha beast in the mid-size off-road truck segment. There's simply no other truck out there like it that is mid-size. Want more proof? It's all in the tires.

Despite all the off-road goodies and innovative tech, any serious off-road enthusiast knows, that getting where you want to go depends mostly on the tires over anything else. Now the AT4X AEV Edition comes with the same stock tire size as the full-size F-150 Raptor, perhaps furthermore justifying this steep price tag for a mid-size truck. If one can afford it, don't go wait for the new TRD Pro, jump in that AEV Canyon!

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