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Altec and PACCAR Winch team up on new boom truck

By Todd Razor10 March 2023

Designing products and bringing them to market is hard. But with the right components, OEMs can more easily optimize and effectively validate state-of-the-art equipment to meet exact requirements and specifications.

The selection of hoist-enabled mobile equipment and cranes is by and large customer-driven and tied closely to end-use applications. Direct lines of communication among manufacturers of crane equipment and their component makers tend to result in more sharing of overall best practices in the factory, with end users, and in the field.

Altec’s new telescopic swing seat crane is turning heads in construction-oriented trades. Currently in the field for demonstration, the AC65E-155S is Altec’s largest crane – an ultramobile, dual-rated device with 130,000 pounds of material hoisting capacity, a six-section main boom extending up to 155 feet and a 1,200-pound, two-person personnel platform, with up to 110 feet of side reach.

Detailing the new hoist system

The system was designed with top-of-class hydraulic planetary hoisting equipment, including high-capacity BRADEN PD15B hoists with 15,000 pound rated line pull and 2-speed piston motors. A hoist drum rotation indicator, rotation resistant wire rope and hoist control and boom telescope control at the load hook stow point come standard.

Independent control of swing, extend and down jack functions on the AC65E-155S are enabled by four-position swing-out-and-down outriggers. Operator defined audible alarm set-points can be added for boom angle and length, and rotational position. It is available with a tray-style, 12,500 pound hydraulically removable counterweight; and dual 15,000 pound auxiliary hoists from BRADEN.

The AC65E-155S was designed with industry leading worker safety, operator comfort and visibility. This includes Altec’s LMAP (Load Moment and Area Protection) system with intelligent Smart-Zone Rating functionality. The dual-entry, 20 degree tilt cab is heat and air-condition optimized, and the heated seat is standard.

Altec offers telescopic boom trucks with sheave heights up to 215 feet and load ratings up to 65 tons. They are conducive to such work as electric line maintenance and construction, transmission and distribution and tree trimming, among other uses. The new AC65E-155S has advanced engineered to provide super mobility and versatility when faced with the probability of lifting heavier loads, handling them at greater distances.

Performance engineered

Hydraulic planetary hoist products with modern controls are setting standards for use on utility trucks and mobile cranes, especially for applications that require consistently smooth, stable and accurate vertical movements. Telescopic boom trucks are turnkey, ready for out-of-the-gate lifting via a permanently mounted hydraulic hoist – facilitating ease of operation during the lifting and handling processes.

BRADEN PD Series planetary hoists, with line pull ratings ranging from 7,000 to 21,000 pounds, deliver strong performance and unparalleled durability. They feature dynamic and multi-disc static brake systems for smooth operation and fail-safe load handling, and an overrunning clutch for fall-back prevention. Geared to the right combination of on-demand pulling power, speed and control, they can be especially useful when dealing with the probability of longer reaches and heavier loads.

The PD15B has been designed for better serviceability and easy installation on truck-mounted hydraulic mobile cranes. The simplified “power drum” design and patented BRADEN brake valve provide outstanding reliability and control.

Altec and BRADEN, a PACCAR Winch brand, are helping each other maximize the usefulness of well-engineered products. The global unveiling of the AC65E-155S puts Altec in a different class — leaving a broader band of contractors wide open to explore the new possibilities. The companies’ emphasis on working together has led to the development of high standards and greater understanding between manufacturer and component maker. Their systems-thinking approaches can be linked to performance indicators in areas associated with safety, lift capacities and cycle times.

“The new AC65E is our largest crane – launched with a strong value proposition for operators in the construction segment as well [as the utility market],” said Zak Hilliard, market manager at Altec. “The formation of lasting partnerships with component manufacturers such as PACCAR Winch allows us to better expedite our vetting processes. This ensures the most thorough validation of components in a timely manner, as they are subjected to rigorous testing and stand up to our exacting specifications.”

Compact, rugged profiles are regarded in boom-truck setups, alongside the ability to run safer and more efficiently where duty cycles are concerned. Swing seat boom trucks with the stability to reach higher and lift heavier objects can eliminate the need for crawler cranes to be transported in for bigger jobs.

Designed for mobility and performance, the AC65E-155S is a game changer allowing for quick and precise handling of heavy objects during applications such as vertical construction and bridge work, where impediments or obstructions are common.

Equipped with a jib that can hydraulically articulate under load from 0 to -80 degrees, the AC65E offers superior up-and-over lifting capabilities while still maintaining a small setup envelope. “We work with a wide variety of equipment that utilizes winches,” Hilliard said. “The prominent application is to hoist material, and the winch is the most imperative part of hoisting material — translating the load vertically via a winch line that goes to the winch — with cranes using the biggest winches.

“Service is a top priority for our customers in both electric utility and construction,” he said. “We make a good, tough product. The components we have selected have been optimized to get the most performance out of the winch and the most value out of the crane for this new application.”

What do customers have to say?

Manufactured in America, the Altec-PACCAR Winch connection is underpinned by sets of similar values – the development of custom solutions for specific markets and applications. A common goal is understanding the specific needs and serving customers.

With more than 200 standard configurations available, PD Series hoists can be used for an array of hoisting applications from mobile and offshore platform cranes to personnel handling systems and drill rigs. Altec delivers products and services in more than 100 countries throughout the world. At this level, said Jose Segura, senior sales manager for PACCAR Winch, listening to understand specific questions and then providing exact answers is an integral part of the crane-hoist manufacturing process.

“We are getting the most up-to-date information out and setting up meetings between engineers on a regular basis,” Segura said. “Altec builds customized products, and every customer interaction is very specific. We are meeting to make sure we can be as responsive as possible. It’s engineer-to-engineer, whatever the situation calls for to position them for long-term success.

“Customer service comes down to quick and accurate responses, answering the questions they are asking, the right questions. Altec does the same thing for end-users in terms of being in contact with customers, knowing the industry well. We are providing an introduction that helps them get through their journey.”

Long-time partners

For nearly 100 years, Altec and BRADEN (PACCAR Winch) have been unyielding in their pursuit in serving the utility, construction and other material handling industries. They have remained consistently focused on providing superior performance, dependable services, regional compliance, higher productivity and the safety of people – helping ensure everyone is kept safe when there is a load on the line.

“This is about high-production architecture, not a lot of different versions,” Hilliard said. “For a very long time, we have been sourcing our winches for cranes from PACCAR Winch. With BRADEN, there is no risk when validating to bring to market. We can put this hoist on this machine, and it can perform as we expect. We have a competitive product, and we know that it works. And that enables us to mitigate risk on the new development of products. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time to get to market.”

This aligns with Altec’s progression of working with PACCAR Winch to make changes and updates applicable to relevant models of the crane.

“The reason is we have had great success with the BRADEN product line,” Hilliard continued. “They have continued to prove consistent and reliable, delivering top quality. They have earned the privilege that when we have a new crane product to design – one of the givens is we are probably going to put a PACCAR winch on the machine.”

Todd Razor is a U.S.-based business-to-business media consultant covering global heavy equipment, construction tools and manufacturing technologies.

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