Jun 17, 2024

Le Bosco: The robustness of a safety knife and the advantages of a multifunction knife

The Bosco was developed by outdoor sports and boating enthusiasts. When they set about designing this knife, their guiding principle was to combine robustness and pragmatism, as Lilian Sueur sums up: "We wanted a multifunctional tool, but without unnecessary gadgets."

For this purpose, the knife is made from 4 mm thick semi-inox steel, guaranteeing load resistance, durability against corrosion in marine environments and good cutting quality, for cutting sheathed dyneema up to 20 mm thick.

The absence of a mechanism eliminates the need for complex maintenance. Only the seams of the case, its Velcro fastener or the tool-holder bungee cord are susceptible to wear, but can easily be repaired.

Designed as a safety knife, Le Bosco has all the attributes. Made in one piece, it can be drawn quickly. Its square tip avoids the risk of injury, and especially of piercing a life raft or other inflatable craft.

With two guard positions, one with one finger and the other with two, you can move around while holding the knife, while keeping your hand open, which will be useful for emergency maneuvers on the boat, or even in the water.

The Bosco's holster makes it easy to attach to a belt or any other strategic point on the boat, using a simple hook and loop fastener.

By incorporating a metre's length of 4 mm line into the handle, as well as the same amount on the holster, the sailor won't be totally bereft if he needs to tie a knot in a hurry.

The Bosco is not a useless gadget, but it does serve a number of functions. In addition to cutting, you can loosen shackles with the help of two shackle removers, including a small one for the most inaccessible shackles. The tool also incorporates a socket for 10 sizes of open-end wrench, a bit-holder adapter and a socket-holder adapter.

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