Sep 06, 2023

‘Money saver’ luggage scale scanning at the tills for 49% off

THE EASIEST way to avoid paying for overweight luggage is to use a scale to weigh your suitcases. It’s cheap and simple and there’s an Amazon offer that saves shoppers almost 50% off one of its bestsellers.

While summer might almost be over, there are still plenty of travel opportunities coming up with flights getting cheaper as peak season draws to a close.

If you’re planning to go on a holiday later this year but are worried about oversized luggage, Amazon has discounted the MYCARBON luggage scale from £19.99 to just £10.19.

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Buying a digital scale is a smart way to avoid paying extra luggage fees, particularly if you’re flying on budget airlines and this deal saves shoppers a whopping 49% off.

The travel essential is very easy to use, simply hook the nylon band around the handle of your chosen bag and lift it off a surface to read its weight.

The digital screen makes it clear to read and can show four different weighing measures including kilograms, pounds, ounces and grams.


Despite its small size, it’s extremely sturdy and can be used to weigh both large and cabin-sized baggage.

If you use it single-handed, it can weigh up to 15kg and a double-handed hold can weigh up to 50kg.

Plus, it’s light enough to pack into your suitcase so you can weigh your bags again before departure, which is ideal if you’ve gone on a shopping holiday or have bought more than you thought.

With over 17,000 reviews, it’s one of Amazon’s bestsellers and 76% of shoppers have given it a five-star rating.

One customer wrote: ‘Definitely a money saver! My travel buddy has a tendency to overpack. The scale enabled her to pack smarter at the airport and avoid the ridiculous charges!’

Another agreed: ‘Ideal weighing scales that can be taken with you so you aren't going over the limit on your flight home!’

And one shopper added: ‘Great scales which weigh luggage accurately! They are easy to use with different weight measurements to choose from! Never fly without it them!’

With the fine for excess baggage fees being £9 - £11 per kilo on Ryanair flights, this small essential will help you avoid paying extra charges.

MYCARBON luggage scale £19.99 £10.19 from Amazon - buy hereREAD MORE:MYCARBON luggage scale £19.99 £10.19 from Amazon - buy hereMYCARBON luggage scale £19.99 £10.19 from Amazon - buy here