Feb 28, 2024

Stellar's new kit converts containers to be hooklift compatible

Stellar has introduced a new winch-style cable hoist container hooklift adapter kit.

The new cable hoist container hooklift adapter kit allows current winch-style cable hoist owners the opportunity to introduce hooklifts into their fleet while utilizing their existing containers. Simply weld the adapter onto the front of a winch-style cable hoist container, positioning it for a 36-inch lift bar location, to quickly convert any container to be hooklift compatible.

The kit also includes body lock receptacles to be added to the bottom of the container to engage the body locks on the hooklift. These receptacles serve a dual purpose – they lock the container to the hooklift and act as guides to center the container on the rear rollers of the hooklift.

"The adapter kit allows you to add hooklfits to your fleet to ultimately reduce your downtime and increase efficiency," says Tim Worman, director of product management at Stellar. "This is a cost-effective way to convert your existing fleet of winch-style cable hoist containers to be hooklift compatible and still be able to handle the containers with your existing winch-style cable hoist."

A winch-style cable hoist can limit the number of pick-ups operators can perform each day. For each pick-up, the operator must get out of the truck, pull the cable out, hook the cable to the container, return to the truck, proceed to pull the container up, get back out of the truck, manually pin the cable hoist dump in place, and return to the truck cab. When they drop the container, this process needs to be repeated, in reverse. This process happens with each pick-up and drop of a container – but not with a hooklift.

When working with a hooklift, an operator can eliminate extra steps needed to hook to a container. The user can simply deploy the hook, back up to the container, hook the container, and pull it onto the truck all from the truck cab. The elimination of continuously having to enter and exit the cab with every pick-up and drop greatly decreases downtime and increases work efficiency.

Stellar says that the cable hoist container hooklift adapter kit is suited for those interested in introducing hooklifts into their fleet without replacing their current light-duty cable hoist containers. Stellar provides welding instructions for each kit. Plus, the adapted containers can be used for both hooklifts and winch-style cable hoists.

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