Oct 01, 2023

Greenworks 24V Cordless Car Jack

Getting a flat tire is one of the inevitabilities of driving. Everyone has their own story about getting a flat tire in the least convenient place possible, and often those stories involve complications with manual car jacks. There are a handful of electric car jacks on the market, but Greenworks is among the first of the major power tool brands to introduce a battery-powered model to its lineup. We’re looking at the Greenworks Cordless Car Jack to see how it can help eliminate one of the necessary evils of getting a flat.

This car jack has a maximum lifting capacity of up to 3 tons, which is ideal for vehicles like sedans and small SUVs. It can lift from 6 1/8 inches to 17 1/2 inches in height, giving you a wide range for cars of different sizes. Greenworks recommends always using a jack stand with this product for safety.

Other safety features include a self-locking power structure as well as overload protection. If needed, there is also a pressure valve to release pressure manually in the event of power loss.

The JKG301 car jack has a lift time of just 90 seconds to reach the maximum height. A simplified one-button control lets you raise, stop, and lower the jack’s height all in one place.

Additionally, an aluminum alloy bottom plate assists with durability and a non-slip cross-groove design on the lifting bar ensures a tight hold.

This car jack retails for $129.99 as a bare tool, and adding a 2.0Ah battery and charger brings the price to $149.99. Greenworks backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty.

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