Jun 07, 2024

The 23 essential checks for launching your yacht back into the water

Before going back to sea, it is important to refit your boat and prepare it for this new sailing season. We had already seen key points to check before releasing a motorboat The same applies to a sailing boat.

It's not just a matter of comfort, it's a matter of safety. A badly prepared boat could put you and your crew in danger. It is therefore important to get your yacht back on track, which will obviously depend on the way in which the wintering was prepared, an indispensable .

The hull

The rigging

The fittings

The sails


The engine

Just like your boat, your inboard or outboard motor must be winterized. Here are the two methods for winterizing the engine: inboard and outboard . However, it is necessary to follow a reset.




Safety equipment

It is always important to check that everything is working properly and that your products are not out of date. Here's how to properly check your safety equipment .

Once these checks are done, it's time to put your boat back in the water. Here is some advice to ensure that this return to the water takes place in the best conditions . And to enjoy your season, here are a ritual to take care of your boat every time you come back from sailing . And to go further, discover the 8 key points for the maintenance of your trailer .

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