Sep 01, 2023

The Raw Material Radar will integrate blockchain and IoT technologies to improve Artisanal Small

The Raw Material Radar (RMR) Consortium, funded by EIT Raw Materials, aims at promoting fairer and responsible ASM mining practices in Liberia and Western Africa, by creating a new software+hardware solution for tracking raw materials. The new RMR platform will combine blockchain and IoT technologies to automatically record and track minerals’ origin, ownership, and provenance and is planned to be further launched and commercialized in other markets in Africa and worldwide.

The RMR product will be composed of cost-effective IoT kits, including digitally connected weighing scales and tracking devices for material shipments. It will allow the automatic weighing of material delivery and recording of supplier’s material ownership directly on-site. After assessing the quality of the product aggregated into a shipping barrel, the data will be digitized, and the container sealed with a connected tracking device. From that point onwards, the status and location of the barrel are constantly tracked until final delivery. All information regarding the material collection and shipping processes is securely stored in a blockchain-based infrastructure. This cutting-edge solution allows independent third parties to transparently verify and certify adherence to predefined process standards and regulations, facilitating compliant access for the ASM to European markets.

The Raw Material Radar (RMR) Consortium combines the complementary experience in research and development, mining and technology of the four organizations, including:

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