Wholesale Factory Price Coffee Powder Portable 0.001g Scales Coffee Tools

Wholesale Factory Price Coffee Powder Portable 0.001g Scales Coffee Tools

Overview Package Size 18.00cm * 12.00cm * 5.00cm Package Gross Weight 0.300kg Product Description Your One-Stop Shop for


Basic Info.
Model NO. DGSSM118
Location Desktop Scale
Material Plastic
Measure Method Automatic
Application Commercial Scale
Function Weighing Scale, Counting Scales
Structure Electronic Scale
Shape Square
Color Brushed Silver, Black
Keystroke Touch
Accessory 4
Transport Package 40PCS/1CTN
Specification 170*120*50
Origin China
HS Code 8423811000
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 18.00cm * 12.00cm * 5.00cm Package Gross Weight 0.300kg
Product Description

Product Description

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Wholesale Factory Price Coffee Powder Portable 0.001g Scales Coffee Tools

Credentials: CE, PSE, FCC
Key Function:Switch, Clear, Unit Conversion, Timer
Measure:OZ, G, OZT, DWT, GN, CT
Range:(100g, 50g, 20g, 10g)0.001g,
Exterior Size:W14*D13.7*H3.6cm
Usage Temperature:0ºC-40ºC
Battery:2*AAA, Lithium
Package Size:W17.2*D11.7*H5cm
After Sales Service

Signature Note:· In order to ensure the safety of the package, please check the goods in front of the Courier, check whether the outer package of the goods is intact, whether the outer package is obviously damaged or torn, whether the seal of the box is intact, whether there is obvious difference in weight. If there is any abnormality, please make notes on the waybill before signing for it.· If not otherwise stated, the value of the goods is the lowest between the forecast amount of the order purchased and the order amount of the goods purchased, which shall be used as the basis for compensation, and shall be provided during the claim settlement, otherwise it will not be dealt with.· After the package is signed, if you have any problems, please feedback to the customer service within five working days after the receipt (subject to the signing date of the logistics website), overdue will not be accepted.Exeception Clause:· Fragile goods: whether there is a choice of reinforcement or buy insurance, damage or leakage will not compensate, lost claims.(Such as glass products, ceramics, LCD screens and plastic products, etc.).· Compensation is not accepted for the loss or damage of gifts or samples in the package.· Losses caused by natural weather disasters, riots, wars and other irresistible factors.· Due to the customs clearance time, flight delay, express delay, etc., the nature of the goods changed over the shelf life, warranty period and other irresistible factors. Customs confiscation, taxation, return, destruction (such as failure to pass the customs commodity inspection), etc.· Lost or damage caused by forwarding or return of prohibited goods. Business delivery leakage, less, wrong.· Loss or damage caused by the return or transfer of prohibited articles or damages to other transport companies.· Repair, in-use goods, used goods, second-hand goods.· Due to the reason of the business delivery, the goods are damaged, deformation.· Affected by the weather or logistics link, easy to melt, deformation, metamorphic goods such as: health products (capsule), candy, food (beans, puff, jelly, juice, beverage), chocolate, cosmetics (lipstick, lipstick, eye shadow, powder, lotion), liquid (shampoo, germinal fluid, shower gel), paste (soap, purple grass paste), glass products, ceramics, LCD and plastic products, we are only responsible for the loss compensation, is not responsible for damage damage and other related after-sales claims.

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